Global Health Consultants Group

Global Health Consultants (GHC) is a non-profit healthcare consulting organization committed to the development and transfer of cost effective healthcare services, solutions and technologies to developing and emerging markets. We specialize in formulating health care policies, protocols, procedures and programs that are well adapted to the economic realities that exist in these populations.

At GHC, we use a hybrid of consulting, collaboration and partnership approaches with the goal of achieving long-term sustainable global health development and significant improvements in quality of life for underserved communities. Within our organization, we have a strong interdisciplinary team that focuses on identifying specific challenges in healthcare delivery and developing well researched realistic solutions using best practices and state-of-the-art technologies.

GHC principals have extensive medical and public health expertise, including over 100 years of combined healthcare experience spanning North America, Europe and Africa.

Our clients and partners include government agencies, academic institutions, foundations, non-governmental organizations, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, hospitals, clinics, private corporations and more.

We welcome any and all forms of assistance from individual philanthropists, organizations and corporate sponsors looking to contribute to global health initiatives centered around improving the health and lives of underserved populations